KZ BA10 5BA HiFi Balanced Armature Sports Earphone


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Balanced Armature Driver 5BA HIFI Bass Earbuds In Ear Earphone Headphones

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We are introducing NEW The KZ BA10 5BA HiFi Balanced Armature Sports Earphone with 10 Dynamic drivers for super mage bass for professional music lovers KZ headphones is another 3D Mega Bass products that come with a super dynamic speaker. That means you will get the high-end noise cancellation, with great bass. Specially design for music professionals and Geek Music Lovers the best HiFi headphones.

The 5 Professional grade balanced armatures good quality earphones with high-quality build in 10 pure Metal cavities alloy aluminium balanced armature headphone

1. The high-density aluminum alloy cavity greatly enhances the sound cohesive force, effectively avoids the physical resonance effect, and makes the sound quality more mellow and mellow.
2. Unilateral 5 moving iron, bilateral 10 moving iron. The pure moving iron earphone consisting of 5 professional-grade moving iron units on one side and 10 professional-grade moving iron units on both sides will bring a leaping sound quality improvement. The unilateral consists of 5 moving iron units, which are: 22955×1 low frequency, 29689×1 intermediate frequency, 30095×2 high frequency, and 31005×1 medium and high frequency.
3. The customized 22955 ultra-low frequency moving iron unit is in no way inferior to the dynamic low-frequency elastic texture of the moving coil. The low-frequency dive is deep and full of explosive power. Low distortion, fast transients, rich detail, and wide bandwidth.
4. Professional-grade crossover circuit design fully utilizes the performance advantages of each moving iron unit.
5. 0.75mm gold-plated 2Pin pin, plug-in test life of more than 10,000 times.
6. High-definition condenser microphone, support standard (American standard) interface system mobile phone HD call, short press: answer, press: hang up, long press: reject, short press: pause / play, double press: next Qu, double press: the last song.
7. Durable wire, providing excellent sound quality signal transmission, anti-pull, anti-bending, anti-corrosion.
8. Professional acoustic structure design, three-stage acoustic airflow to make the sound pressure more even and full.
9. User-friendly wire plugging function design allows the headset to add more extended functions.
10. Optional upgrade Bluetooth module (sold separately), seconds to change Bluetooth wireless headset.
11. Optional silver-plated upgrade cable (sold separately) to effectively improve the audio quality of the headphones.
12. Ergonomic and acoustic structural characteristics, the custom-made cavity provides a comfortable and stable wear, long-wearing and painless, madness can not afford.

Product parameters:
1. Sensitivity: 105dB.
2. Impedance: 14 ohms.
3. Frequency response range: 20-40000Hz.
4. Plug type: 3.5mm, pin type: 0.75mm.
5. Cable length: 115-125cm.
6. Product weight: 24-30g.

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  1. Very good premium quality and sound is fantastic and professional , i had received in brazil with in the 10 days. highly recommended to buy directly to official website . ******

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