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The QKZ OM1 Super Bass Stereo HIFI 3.5mm Earphone cube is the latest from Powerfull. These are some great earphones. When you get one, you will instantly notice how great the sound is. This is a set that is well-known for making sure that every listener gets a great sound. These cans have been known

active noise cancelling
HIFI Earphones Hybrid technology noise cancelling Active noise cancelling headphones have become an extremely popular option for those who wish to listen to their music or movies without the background noise of others. This is very beneficial for a number of different reasons, one of which is the added bass. The improved bass headphones have become more popular in recent years
HIFI Earphones Hybrid technology New Series noise cancelling stereo metal bass Did you know that buying products in general is always better from the official stores than retailers? There are so many advantages and benefits you can get when you buy directly from an official store instead of a third-party seller. When it comes to the QKZ and KZ products you rest assure about the benefits
Articles So many Customers are asking or confused to spot the real or fake QKZ headphones and complaining about how to distinguish between original or fake. Most of the time buying from china get stuck or lose money at the end of buying Fake Products although it’s even can’t be satisfying the quality of sound and
Balanced armature Bluetooth Earphones Dynamic sound KZ does it again! The company best known for its innovative wireless in-ear headphones launches a new product that promises to be the best gear so far. KZ T1 has a wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connection made with hybrid technology; the design as always is interesting and nothing less than very attractive. *This product is a Beta Edition,
Dynamic sound HIFI Earphones stereo metal bass

The Ak1 model from QKZ is a Hi-Res small gold label certificated gadget with an audio standard up to 40 kHz, all music details won’t escape from your ears, every musical instrument timbre and even the singing of the song’s lyrics. The description of the sound is very rich and more transparent.   The acoustic

Bluetooth Earphones Hybrid technology Zinc Alloy Earphones QKZ is a brand that offers premium quality Hi-Fi headphones with certified and approved technology from Japan’s Hi-Res association, which provides a sound with great quality low frequency and low distortion. There are several reasons why you should get any QKZ’s Metal Heavy special edition, the high sensibility, the low distortion and high stability; these
Balanced armature Dynamic sound HIFI Earphones Hybrid technology New Series noise cancelling stereo metal bass 5. QKZ KD10 Noise Reduction Best in Design This model has an attractive elegant looking design, it looks just like your traditional headphones, but when you stop and check the details the elegant black color and the exquisite finish you can tell right away there’s a difference when it comes to looks and appearance. But,
Balanced armature Dynamic sound HIFI Earphones Hybrid technology noise cancelling stereo metal bass One of the determinant factors in the final quality of the sound you perceive through your high quality headphones is the ambient noise, especially if you live in a noisy neighborhood and don’t count with an acoustically isolated room, or a cool sound-proof basement, you might either be in public spaces or traveling in any
Balanced armature Dynamic sound HIFI Earphones Hybrid technology Many people still don’t trust and look past on in-ear headphones, because of the comfort matter (some in-ear headphones fallout from your ears and stuff, they don’t adapt well to some ear types, you know… the regular thing), But rest assured all these judgments may change once you try real high-quality in-ear headphones   They’re
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