New Bluetooth 5.2

The Next Generation of Bluetooth Audio has proven itself to be the go-to solution for wireless audio.

Quick Pairing

True wireless earbuds connected with device quickly

26h Long Bettery

Powerful bettery would be use up to 26 hours at one time charging

Smart Touch

Superior navigation and high responsiveness touch control

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New Original QKZ Earphone & KZ Earphone Official Store

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Official Warranty Guaranteed

The QKZ and KZ Earbuds comes with the 12-month warranty which is only applicable on QKZ Earphones Official Website customers, if you found any manufacturing issue then contact to our QKZ Official Website and raise your replacement claim with proof of defect/damage details, our team will review your case with in 24hours after approval we’ll send new pair of Earphones at fee of cost. Make sure for claiming you must provide the prove of defect/damage with order invoice number. The newest in digital music technology, the QKZ Earphone is a dynamic new addition to the range of headphones available. The QKZ earphones are based on the latest wireless technology and are designed in such a way that they make perfect listening environments throughout your traveling or working life. They feature a very simple and easy to use pair of earphones that come with an inbuilt rechargeable battery and are extremely reliable. The rechargeable batteries provide an endless amount of hours of high quality music playback and you will find that with regular usage, the batteries will last up to three months before requiring replacement. This means that they provide a reliable and long term option for people that require headphones but do not want to compromise on the quality of sound or on their ability to travel. One of the main features that make the QKZ Earphone so popular is its ability to offer two earphones in one package. With this feature, the consumer can have both a low volume music source and a much louder volume noise cancelling set of headphones. This gives the user the ability to listen to their music source at a loud volume and still turn down the volume of the noise cancelling earphones to ensure that they hear only the things they want to hear. This ensures that they remain balanced and do not become overly boisterous when listening to their music. When going through the many features of this popular electronic product, I found that there were many advantages to purchasing this pair of headphones. Firstly, these are some of the best sounding in-ear headphones available in the modern market. The official website has several different reviews which highlight the fact that many consumers report that they are extremely comfortable to wear as they do not stick out nor do they have an excess of metal which can make them uncomfortable. The earphone does not get too hot or sweaty and the color of the finish is also extremely attractive and pleasing to the eye. Another benefit of the QKZ Earphone is that it comes with two earphones. Each driver is placed into its own cup. The earphones are then connected via the cable, which also extends to a standard headphone jack. So, once the earphone is inserted into the headphones, these can then provide a complete sound quality solution. When comparing the two drivers, it was apparent that the dual driver earphones provided a much smoother and refined sound. The noise cancelling headphones were also able to reproduce the sound more precisely and with more clarity. The quality of the earphones produced by Quadsol is likely to be the reason behind their success. The pair of earphones is very easy to use and connect. The earphones are well-made and durable and the earphones do not stick out of your ears when you are wearing them. The large ear pads provide a comfortable fit and also act as shock absorbers. There are no significant noise distortions or sounds coming from the two drivers when you use the QKZ earphones. In addition to being extremely compact and light, the dynamic bass headphones produced a surprisingly powerful sound. So, for those who have always been looking for something slightly bigger but with just as much power, the in-ear earphones from Quadsol could be just the thing. These in-ear earphones work perfectly with a set of prescription glasses or even when you are out wearing casual clothing. With its impressive features and its excellent build quality, the QKZ earphone set from Quad ESL is one earphone that should not be missed when looking for compact, lightweight, powerful, and comfortable dynamic bass headphones.