QKZ VK4 Wired Ear buds HiFi Metal Stereo Bass Earphone

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Original Colorful In Ear Earphone Headset HIFI Bass Noise Cancelling Earbuds With Mic Replaced Cable Headphone

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We are presenting QKZ VK4 professional customized headphone with high and low-frequency diaphragm. The QKZ VK4 Wired Ear buds HiFi Metal Stereo Bass Earphone is Gorgeous enough match to strong strength with two excellent Dazzling Colour One is Blue and Purple Combination Second is black exquisite water transfer printing and carbon fibre pattern design.

  • Sound Pressure Level (1mW @ 1KHz pink noise): 98dB @1kHz
  • Cable: 1.2m 3.5mm AUX Cable
  • Impedance: 16Ω±15%
  • Driver Diameter: 11mm
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <1% (1mW/500Hz)
  • Speaker Sensitivity: 105±3dB (at 1KHz 1mW)
  • Speaker Frequency Response: 20-40K Hz
  • Microphone Sensitivity: -42dB±3dB1kHz, 3V 0dB=1V/pa
  • Operation Temperature: -10 Celsius — +40 Celsius
  • Function: Play / Pause, Answer / Off, Noise Cancelling, Microphone
  • Headphone Type: In-Ear

What You Get

  1. QKZ VK 4 with Retail Packing
  2. One Year Earpiece Warranty

Best Supported on Mobile Devices.

Xiaomi Mi 9T/9T Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10+, LG G8, Asus ROG Phone 2, Huawei P30, OnePlus 7, OPPO, Huawei, Vivo For Mp3 Mp4 players, tablets Pcs, all 3.5mm music players etc.

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black, Indigo

16 reviews for QKZ VK4 Wired Ear buds HiFi Metal Stereo Bass Earphone

  1. The bass of the earphone is excellent I’m very satisfied with the purchases

  2. Clear and well-defined high and middle frequencies, good bass (not brain-shattering though 🙂
    If you prefer to hear every single instrument in a band/orchestra – give these earphones a try, they definitely worth the price. For whoomph-whoomph look for something else.

  3. Great value for your money. They sound very nice for the price. They seem to have Nice quality, and come with many different sizes of bud tips, so you should have no problem whatsoever getting a solid and snug fit. Make sure you try a few different tips to ensure you get the best fit. You get the best bass response and sound isolation with a snug fit! A great backup pair of headphones for stage or just listening to music. Recommended!

  4. They have a strange shape, but are still comfortable. Response is fairly flat, with a slight, but not excessive bias toward the low end. Where these truly shine is imaging – nuance and positioning is truly excellent. For the price these deliver amazing value.

  5. It’s very good and comfortable and cheap, also it’s worth it as you can see in any other review or video on the internet. If I have to put any hits, of course, they are those bass, it does not have those bass that “sell.” I’d almost say it’s a low-mid frequency rather than a noticeable, punchy bass.
    An excellent buy in any case

  6. Perfect for gaming very light weight conferrable, sturdy .Can’t praise enough.Cons is just some minor things not even worth to mention.And by the way I have gamming hyper x , and others and still this rival them especially if you want something light as having issues with my neck.

  7. Excellent bass and treble, good mids. The sound is very defined, all the details are distinguished. The sound is wide, spectacular soundstage. They are not flat monitors, they are coloured to enjoy music. it’s comfortable and do not have noise distortion . it’s worth much more than the cost.

  8. Good headphones. They are above and beyond ordinary headphones.
    The sound quality is good, but for me the bass stands out excessively above the other frequencies. You will need a player or app with an equalizer to correct this.
    They are powerful, even too powerful.
    The mids are crystal clear and clear and the highs are very distinct without excessive wheezing.
    I insist on the equalizer issue if you don’t want the bass to rumble through your brain.
    It is appreciated that the cable is replaceable since you can replace it with a better quality one or with a balanced one if you want to improve the sound.
    The headset is very comfortable, which is appreciated.
    In short, highly recommended, without being perfect.

  9. Pretty good sound at this price of earphone. A bit big for my taste, my suggestions for brand Maker they shouldn’t asked more price of Vk4, so everyone can enhances there music taste

  10. QKZ VK4 is new Hi-Resolution Sound processing earbuds with a frequency response of fourteen and a half hertz. This is one of the best models of earphones from QKZ on the market after using you will notice this immediately when you pick it up. Quality is really good and delivered with in a week in London

  11. Amazing quality, low price and super fast shipping.

    After using it for more than an hour, I support the idea of ​​other comments that I should buy the foam pads separately since the ones it carries are uncomfortable.

    But I am more than happy with this purchase !!.

  12. I didn’t know I needed these until an audiophile friend of mine started raving about them. Im not an expert by any means but compared to standard headphones these had depth I didn’t know existed. It’s like being in the studio as your favourite song is being recorded

  13. The price-quality ratio is unbeatable it can compete with much higher priced headphones also buying from official website which comes with the original warranty, mostly i bought from aliexpress but for QKZ earphone its my suggestions must buy from this official website
    what securities i get buy directly from official website
    * Genuine VK4
    * Official Warranty
    * Fast Shipping
    * Best Tech Support
    Best of luck QKZ Team Highly recommended *****

  14. First of all, thanking the QKZ for the amazing service. They even included a case for free, along with an additional guide from the Earphone.

    QKZ VK4 exceeded my expectations. This is miles ahead of my Beats Studio Monster which I bought for $200 and slightly better than Audio Technica ATH M50x. I never thought I could get an amazing VK4 at this price.

    It’s a V shaped sounding earphone. I was little bit sceptical about the bass performance but it is very good and punchy. Mids are good as well. It shines at the highs, thanks to the BA driver. I could hear tiny details with VK4 which was never possible with the Beats I own. Overall it’s one of the best earphones under $20.

  15. Overall worth every dollar…good quality connections and sound is rather crisp and clear and is there bass when needed…i have these connected to an xduoo xd05 plus portable dac and they sound even better…good value worth the cost

  16. For the price of this earphone I am absolutely surprised as to how good this earphone is. The bass sounds amazing it basically shook me that I got goosebumps when listening to songs and the clear sounding. Also, I like how it differentiate the right anf left ear sound when just watching vtubers or youtuber playing game, oh playing with this earphone is awesome as well. The earphone fits comfortably on my ear and never had any issues. Definitely recommend this earphone.

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