KZ ZS3 Hard Rock Bass HiFi Dynamic Audio Earphone

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In-ear Earphone Noise Reduction Headset Dual Pin Cable Sports Headphone

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KZ ZS3 Hard Rock Bass HiFi Dynamic Audio Earphone 1. The sound unit of ZS3 is set in the middle and rear position of the cavity, and then a customized sound tube transmits the sound signal to the front cavity of the earphone. This distance effectively filters the noise floor signal of the sound and makes the sound more For true delivery to the eardrum. 2. The ultra-low frequency effect is derived from the special acoustic structure design. The ZS3 has been re-tuned at low frequencies to highlight some of the ultra-low frequency detail signals in the music, rather than amplifying the bass signal in the music. 3. ZS3 adopts double gold-plated pin male and female design equipped with custom-grade earphones, users can customize the wire more according to their own needs. 4. Headphones change lines, there are more ways to play. With the Bluetooth module, you can turn your headset into a Bluetooth headset and enjoy music and free calls anytime, anywhere. After the silver-plated wire is assembled, the sound quality of the earphone is more transparent, and the high-pitched sound is clearer. By replacing the wire of different materials, the sound quality of the earphone is improved, and the playability and the funness of the earphone are greatly enhanced. 5. Once the traditional earphone is damaged, the whole earphone is scrapped, and the probability of wire damage is higher than other Probability of component damage. Plug-in wire headsets can be used after replacing the wires, which extends the life of the headphones. 6. If you do not play music, wearing the ZS3 correctly can directly isolate the noise of about 26 decibels. When enjoying music, ZS3 can adjust to 15% to 20% of the total volume to enjoy music quietly, so the sound insulation effect of ZS3 plays a very good hearing protection. 7. According to the shape and acoustic structure of the shape of the conventional human auricle, the wearing comfort is exceptionally excellent, and long time wear is not painful. 8. The microphone is equipped with international standard interface settings, compatible with mainstream brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi. Some phones with a national standard interface setting may not be compatible. Product parameters: 1. Sensitivity: 98dB. 2. Frequency response range: 10-20000Hz. 3. Plug type: 3.5mm. 4. Cable length: 90-150cm. 5. Product weight: 30g. 6. Headphone cable material: TPE. Packing list: Pair of headphone heads x 1 Wire x 1 Instruction manual x 1 Silicone case x 6

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