Did you know that buying products in general is always better from the official stores than retailers? There are so many advantages and benefits you can get when you buy directly from an official store instead of a third-party seller. When it comes to the QKZ and KZ products you rest assure about the benefits of getting your all new gears, we packed 6 of the advantages of buying your headphones in our official stores:

  • 12 Months Warranty: The warranty applies and it’s available only when you buy QKZ or KZ headphones from our Official Website Store. Where else you could get this from? Most shops or retailers would give you a 10-days’ warranty or a month warranty as much. If you want to know more about our warranty policy check out our website: https://qkzheadphone.com/our-guarantees/
  • Free shipping worldwide: This is a treat you get by buying QKZ and KZ products in our official website. The average delivery time spams from 7 to 12 days. We count with worldwide storerooms and distributors located in United Kingdom, Hong Kong Italy, Spain and Pakistan. Once we get your payment confirmation your order will be dispatch from the nearest storeroom and our partners (DHL, FedEx, Asia EMS Service, Correos Espana and others will be the ones in charge of delivering your order.

To see our extended shipping policy, visit the website: https://qkzheadphone.com/shipping-policy/

  • Guaranteed all products are genuine: this one is a given, you can bet that by buying our QKZ and KZ products through our official website you won’t get any imitations or counterfeits. You will get our high-quality headphones and gears directly from us.
  • International European Warehouse: As we aforementioned, we have storerooms located all over the world, being Europe the main shipping territory, we have warehouses in the Pakistan, China and Spain.
  • European Standard Quality: QKZ is best known as the “Zero defect product”. All of our gears and products respond to The European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance. Also, in our labs we make sure to have the smallest error range when manufacturing our products to deliver the best quality and provide a worthy product to our customers.
  • Customer Satisfaction Grantee: If you haven’t visited our website already, you should give it a look and you’ll see the website is highly interactive. We count with a very efficient and fast support team to answer all your inquiries and to clear any doubt you may have.


Buying QKZ and KZ products through the official website has more benefits than the ones aforementioned, these are just some of the highlights from the many other advantages you could get by getting your headphones and gears in the official website. There are also some great deals in our official website such as discounts, coupons, multiple payment methods and options, all from the comfort of your home.

So, don’t think about it anymore and visit our official website to get your HiFi headphones and gears https://qkzheadphone.com/

Our Best Selling Products

QKZ OFFICIALS The Brand QKZ known as ‘’ Quality Know for Zero Defect’’ the idea is to give a dynamic sound with metal bass enrich music to Listener at very affordable prices which no once beat us,
our customer called 2020 the best budget earphone company which actually has two parts one is QKZ which specializes in dynamic metal bass music.
Second, is KZ – ZST Official collection which is purely forced on HiFi Armature dynamic balance music earphone
In the 2005 QKZ is divided into two subsidiaries which are ‘QKZ’ and ‘KZ’ ~ Know for Zero Defect

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