The Ak1 model from QKZ is a Hi-Res small gold label certificated gadget with an audio standard up to 40 kHz, all music details won’t escape from your ears, every musical instrument timbre and even the singing of the song’s lyrics. The description of the sound is very rich and more transparent.
The acoustic construction of precision design with a loud dynamic circle to control the airflow ensures to offer a full vibration of loud dynamic coils to present a fierce analytical force and sound field. And as the design is professional the analysis of the product’s structure has an outstanding sound quality, made of the best materials to provide a proficient performance.
It also counts with a high and low frequency Nano-scale light and tough graphene diaphragm movable coil, with both light and strong rigidity and toughness to make the diaphragm dynamic wide range, great transient response to bring stronger high and low tone ductility and natural tone reduction ability.
They’re very comfortable to wear thanks to its ergonomic customized cavity. It integrates the big data of ear mould trough its ingenious design to fit any kind of ear so they won’t fall and will stay all day long.
The wire has 3.5mm pin design, gold-plated plug for a stronger sensitivity to reduce the loss of signal communication to ensure a high definition and nondestructive transmission of sound with the best quality.
Product: QKZ
Model: AK1
In-Ear Headphones Type
Power: 2MW
Weight: 17g
Impedance: 16
Frequency Range: 20-40000 Hz
Sensitivity: 105dB±3dB
Wired Communication
3.5 mm Gold plated Plug

Wire length: 1.2 m±3cm

The AK1 QKZ Product have Cancelling ambient noise & Isolation system and it comes with two microphones and without microphones with 3mm plug as like general microphone HD Audio Quality sound with HiFi earbuds premium quality you can buy our Europe Official distributor

QKZ OFFICIALS The Brand QKZ known as ‘’ Quality Know for Zero Defect’’ the idea is to give a dynamic sound with metal bass enrich music to Listener at very affordable prices which no once beat us,
our customer called 2020 the best budget earphone company which actually has two parts one is QKZ which specializes in dynamic metal bass music.
Second, is KZ – ZST Official collection which is purely forced on HiFi Armature dynamic balance music earphone
In the 2005 QKZ is divided into two subsidiaries which are ‘QKZ’ and ‘KZ’ ~ Know for Zero Defect

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