One of the determinant factors in the final quality of the sound you perceive through your high quality headphones is the ambient noise, especially if you live in a noisy neighborhood and don’t count with an acoustically isolated room, or a cool sound-proof basement, you might either be in public spaces or traveling in any kind of transport.
There’s plenty of formulas to avoid this annoying ambient noise, or at lease to minimize it till the point it stops being perceptible for some users, these may be classified as active and passive technologies.
Passive techniques are known as systems of acoustic isolation, the purpose is avoiding outside sound to enter and be captured by the auditive system, for which the common thing is to set isolating material between the case and the external part of the headphone and the part that goes inside the ear.
This is a simpler technology, cheaper y usually employed in regular headphones. It just has the little inconvenient of not cancelling the external noise, it just attenuates it in values of… let’s say maybe 8 to 20 dB depending on the materials used and if they round the ear completely also it may not work very well under low frequencies under 100 Hz.
What’s Active Sound Control and how does it works?
If you want to step further and erase all outside noise possible, you must chose for an active sound control system. But, what does it consist of? Well, they base their functions on the wave interference theory.
The sound is a low frequency wave (human’s perceptual limit goes under 20 or 22 KHz) that accomplishes the principle of superposition of the wave’s theory, in brief: when two or more waves meet each other at same point the total wave result is the sum vector of the incident waves.
Thanks to this feature is theoretically possible to create a wave of artificial sound that added to the original wave has as a result the total or partial cancellation of part of this wave, this is known as destructive interference of waves.
Translating all this into the headphones language you can all understand:  the original signal is sum of the sign you want to hear, meaning the music plus the background noise surrounding you. The artificial sign will be a sound wave created by an electronic circuit that will cancel this background noise.
Why QKZ has the best isolating system?
In case you’re wondering how QKZ does this trick, all the magic happens through one or several microphones located in the earpiece body and in the wire that picks up the noise and in a process of the sound it generates a similar signal but in the opposite phase which when reproduced along with the original signal it’ll result as a destructive interference and a sound free of outside noise.
QKZ does not repair expenses when offering the best material for their headphones. They all have different shapes, sizes and colors that fits the requirements for all kinds of people according to their activities or what they might be looking for. So there’s not much thinking to do when it comes to QKZ’s sound cancelling technology, you gotta have it.
Top 5 QKZ Reviews 2019 of Best Active Noise Cancelling Earphones
QKZ OFFICIALS The Brand QKZ known as ‘’ Quality Know for Zero Defect’’ the idea is to give a dynamic sound with metal bass enrich music to Listener at very affordable prices which no once beat us,
our customer called 2020 the best budget earphone company which actually has two parts one is QKZ which specializes in dynamic metal bass music.
Second, is KZ – ZST Official collection which is purely forced on HiFi Armature dynamic balance music earphone
In the 2005 QKZ is divided into two subsidiaries which are ‘QKZ’ and ‘KZ’ ~ Know for Zero Defect

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