For all mega bass music lover, the QKZ vk3 Urban mega bass dynamic sound in budget earphone is the best choice with the heavy metal bass and best noise cancellation earphone also have hybrid sound technology gives free access to enjoy the fascinating sound experience.
The more information will help to make a  good decision and your selection decision is the most important part of our daily shopping, a right selection will save your money and time which you spending to finding good quality products and QKZ earphones always promised to provide the best premium quality in the budget earphone.
if you are looking for the expansive branded in-ear earphones then after reading this piece of work most probably you would change the decision.

so, let get straight into it 

Hi-Res Audio Earphones

The little size of in-ear earbuds looks small but it is most powerful to gives you the best quality sound, the Hi-Res technology in term used for the audio frequency which means those music have Low pitch and high frequencies at least 40kHz is most difficult to get in the normal earphone
So, for handling that level ultra-high quality upper frequencies need a special headphone and normally it cost of these start from €350 – €1000 euros of the headphones selection range
Most probably it is too expansive to spend for a normal person to enjoy the Hi-Res music and defiantly mostly don’t go for that option except the DJ’s or other audio producer or sound engineers
To enjoy the Hi-Res audio worth the extra cost in terms of best earphones to buy but if you read this blog then defiantly will not have happened in our scenario the QKZ earphones provide all types of a premium product at a very affordable price because we care our users to provide the best experience.

Lightweight and Comfortable in wearing

As you know design is the key element to buy the earphone which gives more incredible comfortable feeling and QKZ VK 3 innovative design is the shape of human auricle mean best fit in-ear and best noise cancellation experiences
most probably the lightweight doesn’t make you feel are wearing on the ear and that is the best part of the QKZ VK 3 and red dot German award certificate also have a crown of the of QKZ earphones design products that defiantly assure the quality with no compromised.

The unique Selling point

Every brand has unique selling point which shows product strengthen to capture the target market as far the QKZ earphones unique selling point is affordable prices which everyone can buy and enjoy the dynamic sound and heavy bass, also have multi-eye catchy colours according to the user demand.
  • Price
  • Dynamic Sound
  • Unique Design
  • Europe availability
Best online shopping experience always recommended buying through the QKZ authorized dealers if you are from Europe or USA then QKZ authorized dealer is Nuevotix Online Store.

Best performance and durability

QKZ in 2019 would be a member of THX Ltd. Means THX company certified and tested the high audio frequency earphone and headphone not even though they also tested the audio output and distortion levels which earphone have minimal distortion and best sound headphone also the expert level of noise cancellation they checked with a different formulation and ensure the balance sound armature.
The QKZ has in the list of best budget earphone category of declaring in these categories in 2019
  •           Best Dynamic sound earphone
  •           Best balance HiFi armature earphone
  •           Best hybrid Technology sound

After this big achievement, Qkz earphones proudly said that they had high performance and durability and QKZ customer had ‘’Win-Win situation’’ if they buy these products.
Not only that also IPX rating (splash-proof safety rating) also these the performance and durability of the QKZ products and they give IPX 5 rating which means during workout QKZ earphones gives complete protection through sweat and tested water safety protection in 12.5 litres to survive in 3 min under the water.
  •           Exercise friendly
  •           Listen in rain
  •           Every Day Use
  •           Better Sound Quality
  •           Last Longer

QKZ Model Selection Criteria

The most probably most of the peoples confuses on selecting the right earphone according to the choice here is the best selective criteria for choosing the right earphone.

Dynamic Sound

The quality of sound matters as come on earphone dynamic sound the most of the budget earphone company are not good enough to deliver the dynamic sound promise but QKZ earphones did the most budget earphone selling brand show that they delivered what the promise so you can trust on it.

Comfort and Fit

All earphone is delegable design best fit to ear and for the purpose of the enjoying bass sound then obviously every one looking for to the best fit earbuds which fit on the ear, if you look at in term of unique designs QKZ is also making all unique earphone series which give more feel and comfort.


QKZ most brand like VK 1 4dd, VK 2 2dd, Ck5, is the detachable cable which means you are always protected if you cable break then replace it without any worries.
As VK 3 doesn’t have a detachable cable but it would have made with copper-gold plates cable wire with a 3.5mm headphone jack
Most important waterproof headphone declared by IPX

·        Health Concerns

When comes to loud music then also the most important factor is to also protect the ear. because of loud sound most effect, you ear canal which brings also a lot of health issues in that situation QKZ are very much conscious about the user health.
Balancing volume with a length of listening is always a priority of QKZ international brands for that purpose of Best balance armature QKZ earphones have difference earbuds which protect ear with different ear bud’s soft rubber sizes. 

Making Decision

I had put the best knowledge according to the fact and figure of QKZ earphone collection, now it all depends on your choices which type of music Listener you are, for the product availability you have options if want to buy in China then there so many seller and suppliers are selling QKZ products but in which most of them are Counterfeit.
For best recommendation, you can only choose the QKZ Official Distributor which Nuevotix – Smart way to buy online Europe shopping store, where you can buy Original QKZ products with the warranty they can ship all over the Europe and USA for other pleases contact directly, for now, most important all QKZ products have free delivery.
So it the best option to buy online in Europe if you are European or USA customers.
we’re always welcome for new suggestions or opinion, also would invite to share your QKZ product experience down below in the comment section.
QKZ OFFICIALS The Brand QKZ known as ‘’ Quality Know for Zero Defect’’ the idea is to give a dynamic sound with metal bass enrich music to Listener at very affordable prices which no once beat us,
our customer called 2020 the best budget earphone company which actually has two parts one is QKZ which specializes in dynamic metal bass music.
Second, is KZ – ZST Official collection which is purely forced on HiFi Armature dynamic balance music earphone
In the 2005 QKZ is divided into two subsidiaries which are ‘QKZ’ and ‘KZ’ ~ Know for Zero Defect

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